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trip report (lost wages nevada)

 Posted by jrl on 13 August 1999, at 6:29 p.m.



I was in Vegas Aug 5 - Aug 8. Stayed at the IP.. I played mostly 2 deck games ... I was $400 ahead in the first 2 hrs so I grabed a taxi and headed for the gamblers book store... spent $130 on stuff I did not have in my collection...Played everywhere withen walking distance..Mirage. Bellagio,Venitian,Harriahs etc. Games were fairly good ..penetration was 55% to 65% most of the time although once at the IP one dealer must have delt down to 15 cards ???? don't know why.
Unfortunatly I overbet my bank when the count was plus and suffered the hammer of the SD monster ...I came home a $3400 loser but I had not been to Vegas since 1984 ....and really enjoyed the sights...next time I will focus on playing and not the visuals...good luck to all



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