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 Posted by Lost Ace21 on 29 September 1999, at 2:20 p.m.



I've been playing blackjack for around 10 years now,and allmost eveytime I go casino hoppin I see something new. I thought I'd share this occasion with you guys. I wont say exactly where I was but I will say I was at one of casinos located on the Mississippi coast. I grab a seat at a $25 dd table with one other player who's on first base. I start with $500 and I notice he has about $750 in green and 3 blacks. About 10 minutes goes by and we've both been flat betting. The deck starts heating up and I push out 3 greens to test the water. The guy on first bets 1 black. GGrreeaatt,I think to myself,I'm sittin here with another card counter. Anyway I pull 10,9 and tuck my cards.Player one is doing the same but pulls his cards back to show me he has 10,10. When he puts his cards back I notice he now has 2 blacks! I guess I spotted it immediatly because i'm familar with the move and it's called capping. The dealer had a stiff and busts then pays us both. Now I wonder if the dealer is in on the play. I decide to move along because if this play is detected by security I don't want to get caught in the middle. Also It's not my job to be Mr. Policeman at the casino.I sit down accross from that table at another $25 dd table. Well guess what? About 30 minutes later 3 security dudes are standing behind Mr.Change your bet. They ask the guy to step back from the table so they might have a word with him. They escort him off to where, I don't know. Then the pit is sure to softly tell us the guy was cheating and will be banned from the casino for life. Then the pit gives us lunch comps cause WE are the valued customers.heh,heh,heh



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