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UK gamble binge

 Posted by ALIEN on 18 March 1998, at 8:49 a.m.



Ah I got my hands on a bit of cash the other day and just felt I had to take it to the blackjack tables. The rules 6D,das,S17,double hard 9,10,11,no draw to split ace,no surrender,no split 4,5,10,. Cut card did vary ALOT between dealers. The friendlier the dealer was with the players the further back it went....some kind of psychological thing I reckon like yeah we'll get a longer game this way and I wouldnt suspect you of counting the dealer might think to him/her self. Yeah well good for them if they think that.It fully varied from 3/4 of a deck to 1 3/4 of a deck. One thing I had to judge was sometimes to take off a box or two so I could get as much of the shoe dealt into ie the cut card would be second out and spread over seven boxes this leaves not many cards left as the shoe isnt shuffled when the cut card comes. As for how the play went....well I played for a few days and had my fair share of large good and bad swings. Still I came out on top in the end which is what counts. Used some of the money to help pay my rent I did. Also had a nice gambling binge on slot machines...old habits die hard, played them since I was 5. Oh and before any americans tell me how they are just throwing your money away remember UK slots are very different. If you dont think they can be beaten you might wanna check out http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/the_president This may change your mind a bit. Anyways,back to blackjack. Goddammit there is one very nice dealer at the casino(stakis dundee) At the end of one playing session where I happended to have won I was just leaving and she came on to deal...I nearly went back and started playing again but discipline is the key...I didnt let my heart take over my head. I would catch her tommorow. Discipline and patience....key factors indeed. If you get the parable so to say. Hey anyone else have a person that goes around the casino trying to scrounge money off people?There is this one guy and hes an annoying twat. Cmon if you dont have money what the hell you doing in a casino? Also ever get flak if you play contary to basic and it doesnt work? Like people say stick to the queens rules and stuff!That can also be a bit unchilling, especially if they have money on your box they can really moan!!Anyways hope you enjoyed my little tale, I keep you posted on future things worth gambling on.





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