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Las Vegas trip report

 Posted by Bootlegger on 29 March 1998, at 12:39 p.m.



We just returned from a one week stay in Las Vegas. We had a good time and met many old friends and a couple of new ones. Just in a personal note to Michael, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to hook up, but such are the vagaries of staying and playing in Sin City. On to the games.


The Four Queens is still offering what is probably the most consistent double deck game in Las Vegas. Although the rules are not among the best in town, with H17, DAS and RSA, the penetration is great. You would be hard pressed to find a dealer who deals less than 75% of the cards and you may find some dealers who give as much as 90% penetration. Other good double deckers, with consistently good penetration can be found at the Stardust, the Mirage and the Imperial Palace. I happened to find good double deck penetration at the Hard Rock, but I don't know if that is the rule or its exception.


The Tropicana offers some of the best double deck rules around, with S17, DAS and late surrender, but its penetration is spotty at best. I would say the average dealer goes no deeper than 60-65%, but a few can be found that go as far as 75%.


The rule of six seems to be the standard now at most single deckers in town, although the dealers at Circus Circus seem to have a little more discretion than other houses allow. The main problem with single deckers in this town is getting a game with two or fewer players at the table. I did find such a situation in the early morning hours at the Golden Nugget. The Excaliber is another house where heads up single deck can be found, although the rules are not the greatest, with S17 and D10.


Harrah's is offering what has to be one of the best shoe games in the United States. It is a six decker, with DAS, late surrender and RSA. It offers an incredible 5.5 decks of penetration, which makes it a great game for shoe players.


I hope those of you who read this post can find it of some use. Until next time, good luck and may all of your swings be positive.



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