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Great Nevada Week.

 Posted by Pat Essary on 7 April 1998, at 11:27 a.m.



I just returned from a great Nevada week in Laughlin and Las Vegas. We had a great time and wanted to share some of the info I picked up along the way. Since I play mostly single deck most of what I have is directed at the single deck game.


(Laughlin) Single deck, I found Riverside to still have the best penetration in town almost to the last card. There games are double down on ten and eleven only. Lots of single deck 5 dollar and 3 dollar games available. You can find single deck with less then four at the table. They welcome you to play head on with the dealer.


Certainly the nicest envirement was the Colorado Belle in Laughlin. A lot of single deck available and very nice dealers. We spent a lot of time there. Penetration could be better, this seem to off set with the DOA advantage. All in all a nice place to play though.


Pioneer seem to shuffle after the second time through with only four at the tablel and some times they would shuffle with three at the table. I found it hard to ever getting a advantage there. All in all very poor penetration with lots of Single deck availible. Most talbes were always full.


At Harrahs single deck was always a packed house at each table. Usually one table in the smoking casino and one table in non smoking.


(Las Vegas) As Bootlegger mentioned in his report a great single deck game at Circus Circus offering a double down option after splitting.


At Silver City in the middle of the week several times I found tables of single deck with three or less. Dealers nice Penetration average.


Went over to El Cortez and played against poor penetration and Shuffle Machines. Yes there is plenty of Single Deck and with many tables of three or less playing but the shuffle machines and poor penetration give the advantage to the house most of the time.


While in Vegas we found some nice single deck both Sam's Town and Boulder station. They keep a couple of single tables open all of the time. Tables were sometimes packed decreasing the player advantage because of shuffle after the second round.


We also stopped off at the new casino outside of Vegas in Henderson called the Reserve. I didn't plaly but noticed that the rule dealer stands on 16 is at single deck tables. I am still a student of this game and had not seen this around around.


All in all we had a geat trip and was treated well every where we went.


Pat Essary


Poway Ca.




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