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Re: wonder about the lower strip hotels

 Posted by Bootlegger on 17 May 1998, at 11:09 p.m., in response to Re: wonder about the lower strip hotels, posted by hotbert on 15 May 1998, at 9:16 a.m.



thanks... it looks like I would need a bank of around $10K to support a $50 to $500 betting. Would you think a 1:10 ratio be better with shoe play? does any one have any experience with shoe penatration at these places(EX,LUX,NYNY,MGM,TROP)?


In general, a 10K bank at your proposed betting levels would have a 5-10% risk of ruin in 25 hours of play, depending on a variety of factors, like penetration, rules and your own playing skill. You may want to think about a 1-12 spread, spreading to two hands of six units each when the count warrants such a spread. You should also consider wonging out when the count goes negative. This may affect your ability to get comped, but which would you rather do: pay $80 a night for a hotel room for two or three nights or lose ten grand?


You won't find great penetration at these places. The rules are decent, except for the Excaliber, which only offers S17 and DAS. Better rules can be found in six deckers almost anywhere in Las Vegas. Watch out for the Tropicana, which only offers eight deck shoes games, along with a two deck game which is spotty at best.


Have you considered the Golden Nugget, downtown? It has a good shoe game and will tolerate your betting levels well. You would be handsomely comped in what many consider to be the finest hotel in Las Vegas. Another alternative might be Harrah's, which has the best shoe game in town at the moment. Again, at your betting levels, you would be well treated.



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