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I can't stand the smell of coffee so early in the morning

 Posted by C on 18 February 2003, at 12:16 a.m., in response to casinos CHEAT w/card spread advantage, posted by veteran BkJk player on 17 February 2003, at 3:34 p.m.



"Casinos CHEAT w/card spread advantage

A standard deck runs 4 suits: A-K,A-K,*A-K,A-K

The casino deck runs 4 suits: A-K,A-K,*K-A,K-A

*Notice the inverted 2nd half of the spread (K-A not A-K)


This sets the majority of high cards in the center where the dealer is positioned with greater odds of receiving them."


This is simply something to watch when against single or double deckers. A cheating dealer would be able to control the infamous center slug and keep it out of play (and not deal the high cards to himself, as you're suggesting).


Apart from that, don't agonize over the possibility of being cheated because of the cards' ordering too much. This isn't where you're usually getting cheated from.



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