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Re: how do you input the keypad, with your....

 Posted by markreed on 8 April 2003, at 3:08 a.m., in response to how do you input the keypad, with your...., posted by gehrig on 7 April 2003, at 8:39 p.m.



We have used the keypad in the pocket method for a number of years without too much trouble. A lot of poeple have their hands in their pockets around a roulette table. However, we have added a foot button in the past, which was quite effective and some players we know have extra buttons located around the lining of their suits. This gives them several choices when they want to enter data.


Blackjack input is a little more difficult because players tend to be sitting and have both hands in front of them. Their feet also tend not to be resting on the ground (sitting on high stools). This makes the pocket keypad and foot button options very tricky. They also have to enter a lot more data than a roulette player. On the up-side, a blackjack computer is far simpler to make!


- Mark.



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