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card readers...

 Posted by gehrig on 22 June 2003, at 12:57 a.m., in response to reno and cards with bar codes, posted by ian p on 21 June 2003, at 12:08 p.m.



a few years ago, mikohn introduced their newest game protection systems. the "safe-jack" system included a card reader within the shoe which hardwire-transmitted to a monitor, usually positioned at the pitstiff podium. the color coding of the screen background indicated when the "deck" (remaining, undealt cards within the shoe), was was "out of line"... > "plus count". thus the pitstiff could remotely, "count down" a deck and direct his attention to those tables where a counter might enjoy a momentary advantage.


i advised the bishop (and others), of this at the time. later i noticed that he specifically asked the question, twice, of the mikohn rep at a gaming seminar. each time, the mikohn rep implied that counting the cards (for monitoring advantage players) was *not* the issue, was not the purpose of the system. rather, the "count" was used merely to assure uniform shuffle points. (hah !). the salesmen for the product clearly stated that the system was designed for card counter detection.


an option to that system included the use of, and scanning of, embedded checques. that so correct change was independently monitored, and more importantly for the card counter, how much was bet on each hand, then how much the player might have won/walked with. the table i "demo'd" as well had a player card reader slot which enabled more accurate player evaluation, approaching that of the slot card systems.


all systems can be monitored in the surveillance room. in some, current, embedded checque applications, *only* surveillance monitors the coming and going of checques, particularly via the hidden sensors positioned at the dealer/pitstiff pit entrance gap.



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