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why i've been playing 21 these many years...

 Posted by gehrig on 10 July 2003, at 2:59 p.m.



at least according to an executive in the gaming industry, i've been playing so as to be "rewarded" for my play.


"MGM Mirage spokesman Alan Feldman added, however, the suggestion that they're just using their brain power is a real oversimplification. They're abusing a system that is set up to reward people for their play. Ultimately, other customers are taken advantage of in the process." [lvrj article]


the problem as i see it is a "failure to communicate". all along i thought that the reward was those plastic checques in the rack. apparently, according to his highness feldman, i was actually being rewarded with second hand smoke, inferior food comps (i ate an mgm barfet 6 years ago and i can still taste it), uncomfortable (cheap stools) accomodations, surly pitstiffs cum lackadaisical dealers, long walks from the freebie parking, infrequent/marginal quality complimentary beverage service... et cetera.


another way to look at it, is that the "official line" is that the joints do not consider "winning" a "permitted" reward. and all along, the 70+ bazillion visitors thought/think that winning some cash...


and as to whom was "ultimately taken advantage of"... like how about the silent gamblers in the game, the stockholders of the corporation ? or is the sauce different for the goose and the gander ?



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