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"locking up the table"...

 Posted by gehrig on 30 August 2003, at 9:27 a.m., in response to Group Blackjack, posted by Cyrus on 30 August 2003, at 2:53 a.m.



at least locking up the cover of the checque rack, is beneficial, mostly to the casino licensee. it keeps guests from pilfering checques from an unattended rack.


if the issue is to simultaneously place wagers in each betting "square", then the "system" is as strong as the "weakest link"/team member.


the value would be for a skilled, ace locating/steering team to control/steer the aces to a single, high wager. an enhanced skill might be able to similarly steer unfavorable, id est, busting, cards to the dealer. that'd freak out the eye, should such card location require the third base person to stand on a pair of aces, for example. "hey, i thought i'd busted with 22". thus, the team member/third baseman actually wouldn't "take the dealer's bust card".


no matter, i ain't strong enough to play third base. everyone knows the third baseman has to sacrifice himself to save the table.



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