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"advantage" player slips the punch...

 Posted by gehrig on 7 September 2003, at 2:17 p.m.



as reported in many venues, the recent action by a "pro-tem" justice of the peace indicates that the casino licensees are about to be brought out of their collective comas.


would that these pitstiffs and their superiors adopt the soft 86 approach, the games could remain as they are. instead, the licensees continue to use the methods of the "outfit" days. so far, courts in nevada have laid down and played dead when any casino employee uses the citizen's arrest mechanism to detain *anyone* for *any reason*. that wouldn't wash in a federal court, and may now be a dead player in nevada courts. as luck would have it, the neophyte justice of the peace, examined the arrest/detention/trespass of an educated player, and immediately realized that the whole action was a fraud perpetrated by the casino licensee (and his agents), with the district attorney's office.


sounds to me as though there should be another "sting" operation, at the federal level, much like exposure of the abuses of the good old boy network common in the clark county commission. let's send in a native american woman, with a white cane, and a limp. let her spread 1-100, get 86'd at one of the tacky, quick draw joints. methimks "name brand" attornies would fist-fight to "pro bono" the litigation.


or, the joints could adopt an intelligent, casual method of refusing play. in these last, about 40 yars of nevada 21 play, i still see the same $20 haircut pitstiffs strutting around the pits. these guys make me puke. if the joints do not clean up *their* good old boy network, they will face legions of such unlawful detention suits. i'd like to *run a sim" comparing the loss of hold from tribal/california properties to the likely flood of unlawful detention suits.


the problem starts at the top of the pile. these vastly overpaid casino "executives" likely will never adopt sane methods dealing with "advantage" players. it's tragically amusing that they instruct their underlings to drag out the old citizen's arrest flim flam. when i hear 21 "authorities" adulate executive "friends" in the business, i'm astounded by their inconsistency.



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