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whatever you select, learn it well.

 Posted by gehrig on 17 November 2003, at 11:30 p.m., in response to Re: be wary of information offered by..., posted by Jimmy S on 17 November 2003, at 10:56 a.m.



today, a "hi-low" count may be but an intermediate stop enroute to skilled play. the issue is to master a count, use it until you can apply it effortlessly in casino conditions. that, while crafting an "act".


with sufficient table time, you might move to a more complex count, perhaps with a side count.


early counters often began with a thorp ten count or maybe a revere plus-minus. later, a two (or three level) count, and one or two side counts.


the danger is that the student buys a book and immediately jumps to the last chapter with the most complicated count. i liken 21 card counting to bicycle riding. if the kid's first bike is some 15 speed device, he may never learn how to safely, smoothly ride it. rather, the first bike, a balloon tired single speed, may require the child's entire concentration and skill to simply maintain upright. with experience, the kid can keep the bike upright, ride safely in traffic, and even enjoy the scenary while riding. so it will be as the student learns to ride multi-speed bikes, safely, smoothly, and with a walkman to boot.



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