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bjr stuff

 Posted by gehrig on 18 November 2003, at 2:51 p.m., in response to Re: whatever you select, learn it well., posted by Jimmy S on 18 November 2003, at 9:12 a.m.



should be fine. i have not seen/used that particular application. it's been awhile since i've read dalton's earlier books. as i recall, they lack the hype and obviously flawed "systems" found in some current publications. oddly, the inherently defective systems are often the most widely sold.


therein lies the commonality of all those who "milk" the crowd. methinks there be small difference between those who peddle "approved" systems and systems obviously loaded with bunk. swimming in the same stew pot are the newsletter publishers, website administrators, casino staff, on down to the shareholders of the casino corporations. all suckle at the casino patron's teat.


going into a joint with somesuch progression/hunch/"pull back"/"double up on a win (or, a loss)"/"streak/"money management"/"hot cold dealer (deck, table)"... it's kinda like "assault with a dead weapon".



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