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who is the "bj legend" ?

 Posted by gehrig on 22 December 2003, at 12:17 p.m.



the only "legends" with whom i'm familiar, either via their early publications, or via conversations/emails, are:


baldwin (et alii), thorp, revere, humble, braun, and a few who arrived in the 80's and later.


there are quite a number of "authorities" who have crawled out from the woodwork who view the 21 game in non-mathematical terms. some such as john patrick, "attack" the game using convoluted bet orchestrations or "money management" protocols. these cannot overcome an inherently "unfair" game. were these methods legitimate mechanisms to attack arithmetically unfair games, they could be advantageously applied to *all* such games...keno, big 6, c. stud, 3 card poker, et cetera.


before anyone leaps to buy this "legend's" book, perhaps a detailed review by current players who profitably play the game is warranted.


is the poster/peddler/spammer, such an authority ? if so, please advise your personal experience using the methods outlined in the "legend's" book.




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