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Re: Systems Search

 Posted by William on 11 January 2004, at 7:12 p.m., in response to Systems Search, posted by Allan on 16 May 2003, at 6:50 p.m.



Dear Sir,


Hope you don't mind helping me.

I noticed that you had a good collection of Roulette System with you. As from what I read, you do have great expereince in the game of Roulette too.
Let me give you a short introduction about myself.
I am a Malaysian Chinese aged 42. I am not a good gambler but played Roulette occasionally for fun.I am thinking of spending a little more time on Casino table as my present business don't seem to be giving be the desire profit/income I need..
Due to my present circumstances, my wife indicate to me that maybe Roulette could help our position at this very moment.
I am not saying that they are cheating but I can't find what I need to know in all this books that claimed to be master of Roulette and also promised to show us how to do it. I appreciate having improved my knowledge about the Roulette game after reading this books. What I really need now is someone who is willing to share honest opinion about the game with me.
I had invested nothing less than US$300 on books therefore investing another SYSTEM is heavy for me. It may sound bad but at least I am honest to you.
I am willing to consider a good recommended ROULETTE SYSTEM that you had tested and work for you personally.
Hope to hear from you. Appreciate your time and thank you.God bless you and your family.
Best Regards,



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