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What? All Men are Created Equal?

 Posted by John Jay on 29 March 2004, at 5:11 p.m.



For many years I believed this bullshit statement: "All men are created equal...". Of course that must also mean women included. But that's not the point.


All men are created equal? Sure?


Who's kidding whom?


What kind of bullshit is that?


No men... are ever created equal!


That's the reality. No two persons have exactly the same circumstances when born. That is a fact!


Would George W. Bush as he is now, if born in a poor family, would he be a president? A moron to become president of the U.S. born in the ghettos... had that been the case? He would have nothing to end up with such position at the top while being a certified moron!


All men are created equal?


What's that supposed to mean... other than a bullshit slogan for duped people?


Who are we fooling... knowing the facts... and the human condition?


Are crack babies created equal to babies born to healthy and wealthy parents?


Is somebody born in impoverished Pakistan... close to the madrassas... created equal to one born in a royal family in Monaco?


What the hell does "All men are created equal" mean?


Oh, I get it... That must refer only to the PROCESS of creation from sexual intercourse to being born. Is it? Yes? No? They what the hell it means? Let me know!


Ok, I get it. But does that really make sense? Why to make also this into another slogan? Aren't slogans hooking the uninformed? Why to mislead the masses by such meaningless slogans? Why Republican methods have become a national 'wisdom'... Just because it was put in the constitution? Who made the constitution... but a handful of flawed slave keepers...


But why put it that way... to make it sound AS IF it is a lofty ideal in such a slogan... to convey something that it is not... when in fact had no lofty spirit being conveyed but an empty slogan that it really is...


How about the environment in which one is born?


How about the quality of parents the "created one" will live with?


How about the conditions of life... the nourishing of the body that may probably lead to the developping of the mind and intellect.


How about those aberrations right at birth... when a female body has a penis attached to it and a male that is eunuch right at birth?


How about the mongolian babies?


How about those lacking basic 'abilities' to become adults and take care of themselves, let alone others?


How about those handicapped right at the get go?


How about those too ugly?


How about those who are born into a totally unredeemable and hopeless environment?


Were all these "created" equal?


That is how one moron born in the right environment and name... end up becoming the president and a bright one born in a bad environment becomes a serial killer... just like the moron criminal Bush has become.


But, pulease... don't tell me again what your constitution said... "All men are created equal"... For it's more bullshit than anything else.


What matters is the total package and NOT PICKING only the PROCESS to continue the exploitation by the arrogant powerful out to enrich themselves ever more!


"All men are created equal"?




Now back down... to earth and earthlings like Michael Dalton, the engineer turned into a gambler...


Michael Dalton thinks black jack is engineering and a science.


No matter what he thinks... fact is that gambling is gambling and a game of hazard! What he's talking about by all what he says is that you can improve your odds in black jack by less than 1.5%!


He rarely talks about what the rest of 98.5% of gambling that is gambling with your own money... Or, sometimes he does. I've been away from his boards for more than 4 years and who knows he may also have matured in the mean time.


He makes it sound that most of gambling in black jack is dependant on what you learn buying the systems... to make it just like any other profession- engineering, medicine, etc... - to have the good life that he has...


Michael Dalton is either dreaming... or just a businessman.




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