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No Count Systems

 Posted by Christophe on 15 July 2004, at 5:01 p.m.



I've been studying the game for months now with out using card counting systems. I took my experience to the casinos recently and proved my systems do work but like every system I am sure eventually fail. The last time I was playing I was up over $700 from $100 investment. I got to the casino around 10:30 and played non-stop until 4:30. I lost it all during my last hour there. I think it was a combination of not betting my proportions correctly and fatigue but no excuses, I lost. Also, I learned that playing by myself was much much worse although I have come to know the game by playing this way. I am going back tonight like the sore loser I am and testing my "luck" (aka skill) tonight and see if I can capture back some of that loss.


My personal experience with counting is it just doesnt work. Its just as unpredictable as luck itself. I think there are better ways of figuring out the patterns of the game then by counting. My blackjack systems are hard to explain but for instance if I am in a losing streak, I give myself a several options. a.) make a move I wouldn't have normally made in order to reverse the system or b.) play the deck out with minimal bets, c.) quit, d.) stop playing for a deck.


Anybody use similar tactics?


I also have to sit on the end (last player delt position) because I find it easier to control the game. I don't exactly count but I can make an assesment of whos got what but the actions of the players before me and make a reasonable guess to what my next move should be. Also, I like systems like face card probability. Will the next card be a face card or not? Things like this that counts don't encourage. Maybe there are counting systems that incorporate this but I have never examined them.


What are some of your noncounting systems?


Another few of mine are stupid things like bet larger after your third loss. What is the probability of losing 5 times in a row after ever third loss? Not very good. When using this system you need a little more money and to incorporate other recovery systems so you don't end up just sitting on whatever amount until the next thrid loss. Other systems like reseting your system after an error I find are praticle. You shouldn't try and increase your bet after a betting mistake.


Tell me some of your non count systems and I would like to give them a try.


Thanks guys,




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