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were i to be employed by a game protection company...

 Posted by gehrig on 11 September 2004, at 8:54 a.m., in response to Perfect Invention for Blackjack Players, posted by on 11 September 2004, at 4:44 a.m.



i would devise a website so as to entice "cheaters"/"card counters"/"shuffle trackers"/"ace sequencers" to visit. then initially using "whois" i'd try to i.d. the visitors' isp address. with cheap storage, likely a fellow could save to mebbe an "access" file, a fair to middlin' compendium of "cheaters" et alii, current and wannabes.


the enticement might include either some free information regarding a "new" method to attack the game, or mebbe some "challenge" to those using conventional card counting methods.


if these spam/offers were legitimate, and if the author were really interested in distributing some freebies of value, they would send an email to the webhost containing the "discovery". the webhost might then "review" the method and comment on his site. if the "new" method was actually being sold, that author would honorably sell/commission the technique through that website.


otherwise, the posts are spam in the least, or more likely, deceptive.



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