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i recall an instance when you could likely have gotten...

 Posted by gehrig on 18 October 2004, at 12:32 p.m., in response to Re: your statement that players are "exempt", posted by Bob Miller on 18 October 2004, at 6:43 a.m.



a giant toke. a bunch of years ago, i was playing the (then) s.d. game at the upper level, circus pit. next to "my" *table* [it was a table game], was an early carnival game. there was a lot of commotion. i leaned over and asked a player, "what's up" ? he said he'd just made a royal flush and had won something around $150k. that lasted most of an hour since his wife was on the third trip back to the room searching for addition "i.d.".


if what you have stated is fact, with your help, they wouldn't have withheld federal taxes on that windfall. even the cheapest punter would have toked you well, if you could have proven to the licensee that winnings on "table games were exempt".


as to a refund of property taxes for u.s. public schools (as differentiated from u.k. "public" schools), that's a sore point currently for the growing trend of home schooled pupils' parents. as real estate owners, the most common method, are taxed via their property tax to fund local schools. this includes funds for primary, middle, and "high" school. legal attempts at gaining refunds of that portion of the real estate tax, for school funding, have so far been without reward.


but as a cpa, you must have known that.



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