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Thanks for the entertaining posts.

 Posted by clown on 23 October 2004, at 4:57 p.m., in response to could be a new biz opportunity for you..., posted by gehrig on 19 October 2004, at 10:36 a.m.



I might leave my flamethrower in the closet though.


I am going to rephrase the original question. And please excuse my ignorance about what I am sure is a no-brainer for all US gamblers. I understand that tax will be witheld for a slot jackpot, which doesn't really concern me as I hardly play slots and any jackpot will be a pretty handy surprise, tax or no tax.


When I cash in a lot of chips at the cage, is there a chance that a tax form will be posted by the casino staff, so that I now have an outstanding tax bill with the US government, or am I supposed to deal with it myself, as an honest, non tax-avoiding citizen? As I will not be posting a US tax return, being a foreign visitor, I can't see this being possible.


My fear is upon returning to the country at a later date, being busted for tax evasion, and then accidentally put on a terrorist no-fly list and somehow ending up in Guantanamo bay, where I'll be tortured, sorry, questioned for three years without a lawyer. You never know in these crazy mixed up times.



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