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the "authority"/schlesinger is not fettered...

 Posted by gehrig on 30 January 2005, at 1:20 a.m., in response to Good Job Michael!, posted by Kim Lee on 29 January 2005, at 7:54 p.m.



with consistency. thus one should not expect a direct response, ever.


i recall in chats, years ago, he often spouted vitriol concerning casino staff. usually the targets of the vituperative were pitstiffs. i was frankly surprised that he reduced himself to swearing when referencing game protection staff. then when one of his cronies, a top level suit at mgm tipped over, all we heard was what a great guy he was. when i later pointed out in a message board post, that the same great guy was directly responsible for the "sweat factor" of the casino staff, he elected to "bust" the posts. fwiw, i know perhaps over a hundred, nevada casino employees. none that i know beat their children, all feed their dogs, and most seem to contribute to charities. schlesinger's philosophy would logically extend to swearing at some cop for writing him a speeding ticket.


and all along i thought that a successful "attack" of the 21 game using mathematically derived systems relied on consistent, pragmatic play. guess i've been wrong since the early 60's.



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