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Take the heat

 Posted by Cyrus on 4 February 2005, at 11:20 p.m., in response to Poor analogy, posted by Norman Wattenberger on 3 February 2005, at 8:35 a.m.



gehrig : [His] philosophy would logically extend to swearing at some cop for writing him a speeding ticket."

Norm : "Speeding is illegal. Card counting is not. You are using the same metaphor that casinos use - comparing card counters to criminals."


The comment by gehrig implies that both (re)actions are equally, laughably absurd. Calling names a cop for writing you a ticket and calling names the casino stiffs who sweat players' action are equally absurd. (Remember that gehrig has a zen approach to life!)


Especially when such a casino stiff has been singled out and personally lauded by the name caller in the past -- is the secondary point made by gehrig.


My personal stance is one of continuous astonishment as to the assumption by many people that casinos would ever sit back and take it ("like men"); I mean take hits from all sorts of APs without resorting to every counter-measure the law allows them, and then some. I can understand venting, and calling people names in the heat of the heat, but considering them seriously and collectively as major scumbags somehow is not where I'm at.



...The whole sad soap opera is anything but the proper assessment of the damn book's value we expect from the BJ experts. And for the record, and for what it's worth, Don Schlesinger did not initiate, nor did he enourage, any part of the soap opera.



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