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Re: Snyder's Critique of BJAP

 Posted by Michael Dalton on 6 February 2005, at 9:11 p.m., in response to Errors in the McDowell Errata Sheet , posted by Arnold Snyder on 4 February 2005, at 10:53 a.m.



As I have indicated before, only time will tell whether your critique is fully justified. History has a way of straightening out the facts, especially if they relate to science or math. I can not argue with the math behind your critique but I would bet your analysis won't be the last we hear on this subject. However, I can comment (and argue if you wish) with what I believe were your real motives behind a very vindictive attack on a book and its author.


There are statements that you have made in your review and follow ups that make me believe you are not completely being honest regarding your relationship to the author and the plans you "originally" had to publish this information. Need I go further? Or do I have this wrong? From information I have you lied about your relationship with McDowell and what you privately told him about his Ace prediction strategies.


Yes, I will agree that their are errors in the book. The author and publisher (me) have both presented this material in good faith and with honest intention. When errors were discovered an errata sheet was published. When a critical review was published (yours) a comment and link was provided to the information.


You claim no mention of an errata was in the book. Well, it's right there on the copyright page! What is most appalling to me is the possibility that you were well aware of the errata before your review but ignored it to produce the most damning of critiques. I have been told by others, including McDowell, that you indeed knew of the errata sheet before you wrote your review.


I cannot help but think that you are on a jealous rampage to silence this information -- information that you hoped to publish some day. I believe the sole purpose of your review was to discredit the author and to prevent people from attempting or even considering the idea that ace prediction works. Can we expect a book from you on this subject any time soon?


There is no doubt that McDowell's contribution has forced this field of blackjack 'out of the closet'. McDowell should be applauded for his effort for authoring the "first" and "only" book on the subject -- and thus, the "best" book on the subject! McDowell's Blackjack Ace Prediction is a fantastic read and deserving of respect -- and, of

course, a civilized critical analysis.

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