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blackjack variations

 Posted by robert evans on 7 February 2005, at 4:16 p.m.



Atlantic City has introduced blackjack with side bets .These bets are 1]same color 2]pair 3]first two card total of 21 4]20 5]19 6]18 7] 17 8]over 13 9]under13.the odds are same color 3to1,pair 10 to 1.21 total 19to1,20 8to1,19 18to1 18 19to1,18 19to1 and 17 19to1,under and over13 the odds are 1to1,What is your opinion of these side bets .My feeling is that for a moderately efficient card counter they are excellent.My play is a 25 bet on regular play with a side bet of 25 and a side bet of 10 when the deck is rich in tens.I found this greatly enhances winning big on hands of 19 and especially 20 and reducing the losse s on hands of 14,15,16,17, and18.I'd love some feedback you can e-mail me at



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