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"turning the table into an atm machine"...

 Posted by gehrig on 17 June 2005, at 5:35 p.m., in response to Easy Money!!!!, posted by Daniel on 14 June 2005, at 1:42 p.m.



has been lobbied for by nevada gaming licensees for years... unsuccessfuly so far. have you been able to have either slot machines or tables games converted such that they include atm hardware ? if what you claim is accurate, the nevada resort association will surely buy your auction item. and, that one cent price is reasonable.


currently, most new slot machines have "card readers". these readers already have the ability to read magnetic strip cards, and most have small numeric key pads which would enable a "p.i.n." input. as to table games, a mikohn product shown a few years back at the gaming shows, had such card slots in front of each seat. while these are now only used to access or input "players club" accounts, your promised conversion to an atm would like to make a nevada gaming licensee lather.


imagine the ability to empty a player's savings and checking account while the disadvantage player was "steaming"/"chasing a loss"/employing some martingale system. (or any other wager orchestration based merely on the outcome of the prior hand). nowadays, the best the joints can do is to offer some paycheck cashing, spin the wheel or scratch card promotion. today they can only score the fellow's friday pay check. (nevermind the open beaks in the nest at home). with your system, incorporating the atm into the table games and/or slot machines, the licensee can score the mortgage and car payment, maybe even the bambinos' college funds ! the closest to your system we've seen, or which had been permitted by nevada gaming was that portable atm at the slots-o-fun. usta be that a change girl would roll an atm equipped cart, trolling the aisles around that 21 pit. since they 86'd the freebie popcorn and tightened that $10 s.d., das game, i haven't been in there. and the best i ever got on the free slot pull with the funbook coupon was 50 cents on a couple of cherries.


keep the industry abreast of you progress in installing, "converting" table games and slots, into atms. the additional casino drop would no doubt show up on quarterly reports. so far, nevada gaming has not approved such conversion, modification, probably in line with the anti gambling addiction agenda.



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