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apparently you are a non u.s. citizen....

 Posted by gehrig on 25 October 2005, at 7:13 a.m., in response to Re: your statement that players are "exempt", posted by Bob Miller on 18 October 2004, at 6:43 a.m.



that would weigh on your expertise regarding the "exemption" of taxation on u.s. gaming wins. mirabile dictu, that gaming wins were "exempt" as you so "authoritatively" stated. i doubt that my cpa would sign a return if i had claimed some "exemption" without third party documents stating offsetting losses. when i had received a w2g on a fair to middlin' slot win, he asked for such "loss" reports. if i had you sign that return, "exempting" taxation on the win, instead of that 60 year old duffer, i'd have saved > $u.s. 1 k. and to think i've been paying him to compile my tax reports these last 30 years.


we u.s. citizens generally do not directly fund "grade" [graded ?] school education. perhaps students in your country are directly funded by their parents. in the u.s., it seems that our schools are in large part funded by real property taxes. methinks that tax is intrinsically unfair since buildings do not send children to school.


what is your native country ? perhaps your advice regarding taxation in your jurisdiction might be valuable for u.s. visitors who score gaming wins.



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