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Re: the initial nevada reporting forms...

 Posted by Bob Miller on 14 November 2005, at 5:18 p.m., in response to the initial nevada reporting forms..., posted by gehrig on 14 November 2005, at 4:26 p.m.



Once again, gehrig, you show you are the ill-informed boob in the forum.


Nevada has NO personal income tax - hence no tax forms as they apply to an individual. The forms any NV casino uses are the work product of and are employed at the behest (read-mandate) of the U.S. Federal Govt.


The NV gaming regulators will monitor casino compliance in that regard.


Read my post(s). I never advocated ANYONE cheat on their taxes. I also never stated that the session wins are tax exempt on your 1040 form - just that they are exempt from being taxed within the casino - as per federal law (ever read it?) unlike the required tax reporting and possible withholding which do apply to tournaments, slot play, keno, etc.


I, too, question why a Website, such as this, would allow someone like you to constantly distort the posts of others and be so negative as well as post such ignorant drivel.




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