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did any post refer to nevada income tax ?

 Posted by gehrig on 15 November 2005, at 9:08 a.m., in response to Re: the initial nevada reporting forms..., posted by Bob Miller on 14 November 2005, at 5:18 p.m.



i'm somewhat familiar with nevada taxes since i'm a nevada resident and operate a couple of businesses.


the issue continues that you initially advised a poster that wins at table games were "exempt" of taxes. that is an obvious deception. i then asked if you were a cpa with an errors and omissions insurance policy so that you could sign tax returns "exempting" taxes on gaming wins. then you spun the issue to one of reporting forms which was not the question. that a report was not filed on any transaction is unrelated to the tax liability, in the case of nevada residents, that due to the federal government.


since you stumbled on the nevada *reporting forms*, you now advise all nevada residents that they do not pay income taxes. duh.


nevada gaming reg 6a requires casino licensees to record and report, "like" transactions of $3000 or more per "visit". each licensee must have on premises an employee trained in and responsible for, the preparation of nevada reporting forms. the course is worthy. i've noticed occasional failures to correctly follow reg 6a by licensee staff, while i've played 21 at even thick rug joints. apparently gaming enforcement has noticed similar errors in the past if only due to the later publicised, draconian fines imposed on licensees. the mirage fine got the licensee's attention.


but, the reporting forms are not the issue. again, you stated that the winner was "exempt" of taxation, which is at the minimum, an "underinformed" response. at the worst, it's dishonest. i'd bet on the dishonest alternative since you have stated that you have avoided federal reporting forms and likely federal tax reporting by "structuring". had you not admitted to "structuring", i'd have opted for "underinformed".



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