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next best to a comped/freebie, is...

 Posted by gehrig on 13 February 2006, at 6:36 p.m., in response to I loved the Vegas Shows , posted by Angel Edwards on 13 February 2006, at 3:42 p.m.



"the kshp radio shopping show program". they have a call in program twice daily m-f and once daily on sat. and sun. one may listen on line . they apparently have a similar program in the chicagoland area though i've never heard it.


they sell "gift certificates" for about 6-700 sponsors, including at least a dozen las vegas shows. typical discount is 40-60% off what the "the casino box office" offers. better is that most days they have further "sales" which often brings down the cost to a 70 or even 80% discount. and unlike the "half price ticket" type of kiosks, there are no added fees or taxes. and, the kshp certificates are good for 90 days, not that same evening as those last minute deals. a day or so back the deal on the "carrot top" show was quite cheap. a day last week i think it was the shows at the riviera that were being blown out. the venetian shows are always reasonably priced.


we locals use these certificates for dining out, auto service, car washes, haircuts/beauty shop stuff, specialty stores, even couple a day rental car if yours is tied up in a shop. visitors to las vegas often buy them in advance of a trip, by phone. when i have the usual suspect guests coming to town, a common task for residents, i stock up with stuff like madame tussaud's/venetian, titanic exhibit, various attraction passes, and always 3 or 4 restaurants. i usually have a half dozen certificates over the visor... certificates for stuff like chinese take-out joints, bakeries, an oil change, car wash, a pizza joint, mebbe a barfet.


there's no better deal in town that i can find, other than a juiced in comp.



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