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Hourly earnings expectations

 Posted by Don DeWayne on 4 April 2006, at 2:07 p.m.



I realize after the correct math has been figured for all bets and advantages that one will attain a result of reflected profit after so many hours of play. However, is there a quick way to calculate one's earnings expectations for say the following example...1.)Bet Spread 1 to 6 2.) Bet levels 5.00 min 30.00 max. 3.) Rate of 100 hands per hour. 4.) Planned play time is based on full time yearly play at 2 hours a day 5 day week and 52 week year. In addition assuming with no increase in capitol or raising of bet levels for sake of staying with the above amount played. What is the correct math? Action times percentage divided by hourly? Can someone offer a solution?



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