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the doors swing only one way

 Posted by gehrig on 15 February 2007, at 9:32 p.m.



while i do/will not play for money online, from what i see posted, the doors seem to only swing one way.


a diatribe on snyder's latest forum concerns an online operation "casino extreme".


not unlike licensed nevada casinos, these online, offshore operations seem to hate losing. and, like the nevada licensees they may deploy methods of denying their payouts. the online operations seem to delay and make intentionally obtuse, simple cashing out.


the difference is that if a nevada joint were to deny payment, deny redemption of their checques at the cage, i would immediately [cell]call gaming control while still on the premises. the one time a joint 86'd me and denied a cash out at the cage, they quickly changed their tune when i dialed up "gaming". the inconvenience on my part would be merely time. on their part the paperwork, surveillance records, security incident reports, and my promised, adament pursuit of the issue upstream apparently brought them out of the coma.


besides some adverse posts on a few message boards, what pressure can an offshore operation suffer if they can deny payment ? those offshore dudes could close up and reopen in how many minutes ?


rather than playing with those offshore games, perhaps one might make the green decision, just send the trump as a gift.



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