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Save the Card Counters - Save the World

 Posted by David on 26 March 2008, at 1:09 a.m.





This one truth is self-evident – Card-counting is not a crime. Counting cards is a skill. It encourages mathematical proficiency while improving your ability to concentrate and multitask. These are valuable competencies leading to scientific achievement.


Scientific innovation is now charged with solving all our problems from climate change to economic instability and the inability of people to “just get along.” Accordingly, we hold that counting cards with the goal of mastering blackjack should be taught in elementary school, perhaps even as early as preschool. (Testing reveals that toddlers can learn to count to 21, although they split 10s waaay too often.)


In order to allow casinos to offer this beloved game without going broke, (as if…) we have reinvented blackjack - patented as “active dealer blackjack” and currently offered under the trademark, BlackJack eXtreme™. Bringing Down The House just became a history book.


Wide acceptance of BlackJack eXtreme™ in casinos and online will open young minds to the practical value of mathematics. As any MIT professor will tell you, once you wrap your mind around concepts of random probability, a grasp of Quantum Mechanics is not far behind. And if you believe in Quantum Physics, you are more likely to believe in global warming and evolution. There is no downside here, people.


Some of us are not well-suited for mathematical learning. Therefore BlackJack eXtreme™ also rewards development of social skills such as emotional empathy to detect untruthful behavior known as “bluffing”.


Likewise, BlackJack eXtreme™ helps develop analytical thought. Players and player/dealers may interpret the wagering moves of their opponents to deduce the most likely value of the hidden (or “hole”) cards. The predetermined dealer options currently offered in casino blackjack fail to stimulate analytical thinking. If analytical thinking should be detected in casino-style play, alcohol is immediately administered.


Urgent action is required. Everyone on Earth must learn to play BlackJack eXtreme™ immediately. Fortunately we have opened a new website, which will teach and offer practice games online. Everyone on Earth is encouraged to visit and play with play money chips.


We are creating a documentary TV special to expose the full potential of BJX to the world via broadcast, cable, satellite and Internet television media. We plan to have our TV show ready by the time “21” hits DVD.


Finally we hereby offer casinos world-wide, the opportunity to join with us in restoring mathematical skill to its rightful place in the forefront of respected and sought-after knowledge. Now they can make money welcoming card-counters just like poker jocks.


We also will be encouraging accomplished players, including card-counters, empaths or strategy geeks to pursue a career as a rich and famous professional BlackJack eXtreme™ athlete.


The BlackJack eXtreme™ Underground.


P.S. don’t bother hunting us down - by underground we mean we live in caves but you can find us at


© 2008 BJX Entertainment LLC


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