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 Posted by maddog on 30 August 2009, at 5:46 a.m.



So, I read an old issue about "the casino surveillance" and found Arnold Snyders interesting research (Dated, fall of 2007), not too far back.

I came up with all of the casino's handling of advantage players in the Las Vegas, when to play and when not to, and what they do if they suspect you along with other stuff, also Jean/Primm, Laughlin and outer skirts like mesquite.
But he did not post anything about the casinos in RENO, why? are they just flat paranoid people, despite the redicoulus rules, the camouflage bets, why would anybody get heat spreading 1-4 playing greens.? I am sure some small joints do sweat it, but how about the big ones.
Also, why nobody talk about the many casino's all over the country like (Kansas City), Biloxi, and good indian gamings, in california the best of all the casinos in the world is Barona. Pala offers good Double Decks and good pen. etc. etc.



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