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I had no idea my hiopt1 was a simplified one

Posted by white_elephant on Thursday, 6 November 1997, at 4:07 p.m., in response to Re:where is Hi-Opt II explained?, posted by T-Hopper on Thursday, 6 November 1997, at 8:56 a.m.

When I started counting I did not know any of the websites and did not know how to choose a system for multi-deck shoe game.
I bought the book by Humble and memorized all the tables by heart and I can tell the counts in my dream.
Today I learn from you that the system in that book was not the complete system and only a simplified one. I am dis-appointed. The book did not imply that. I do not know what I missed. Anyway now I am thinking of changing to new system that includes Ace. (Because I play mostlly 8 deck shoegames with 2 decks cut).
I am planning to choose either K-O or Hi-Low and re-evaluate after your book is published. Is there something that can help me to choose one over the other.looks like K-O would be simple because it needs no true count conversion.
What is the cost (in my bankroll)of choosing one over other. In otherwords how do you compare the effect of two systems on the bankroll using their BC. I posted this question previously under petemoss1 PE/advantage. I also posted this question in bj21 but noone is interested in answering.
It is kind of boring to learn something and un-learn to learn another.



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