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Re:where is Hi-Opt II explained?

Posted by T-Hopper on Thursday, 4 December 1997, at 4:49 p.m., in response to Re:where is Hi-Opt II explained?, posted by Ace on Thursday, 4 December 1997, at 3:36 p.m.

I had the same problem finding info on the Hi-OptII. I eventually bought John Imming's UBE 7.4 Pro which beautifully presents
this strategy as the Imp1--Imming multiparameter 1. Perfect strategy #'s with perfect mp adjusts (5 through A) for the 1-dk
come with the manual. Through simulations, published data, and some math it appears with all adjusts the pe is .85, bc .99--asc
only, and the insurance efficiency is .97! I don't use or recommend using all these adjusts, but they're all there. Based on
simulation the 7 alone should up pe to .75. Further, Imming states that using UBE's #'s over BjCntAnlzr for the OmegaII(Imp2)
single deck game will earn you 4% more $. I really like this kind of precision.

I have a technique for multiparameter play that is much easier than the systems presented by Griffin, Humble and Imming, and in some cases the win rate is higher with less side counts and only one set of indices. However this will have to wait until the Level One and Level Two Sourcebooks are done, since the market for this is very small. You can see some of my figures for Hi-Opt I on this page. (Repost:Hi-Opt I Side Counts)

The indices presented in the book and used for the simulations were generated by SBA, which is at least as accurate as UBE for index number generation and more accurate for running simulations. Danny Woolard has added multiparameter capability to his Blackjack Vision software and it will be used for all combined count simulations.



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