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Re: Why are unabalanced RC systems better than balanced ones?

Posted by T-Hopper on Friday, 5 December 1997, at 9:40 a.m., in response to Why are unabalanced RC systems better than balanced ones?, posted by KT on Thursday, 4 December 1997, at 7:08 p.m.

The K-O running count is most accurate for betting because the pivot is somewhere between 2 units and your maximum bet, which, as Bryce Carlson correctly points out, is where the accuracy is most important. If you use High-Low and bet by the running count, your accuracy is highest for when you have only a slight edge or slight disadvantage(TC +1 to -1), and this is not as useful as knowing when your advantage is high enough to justify a higher bet.

Using the High-Low running count for playing as well, you will do better than K-O flat betting, but K-O will do better with a bet spread. The same concepts apply to plays like 16 vs. 10(close to 0) and insurance(close to +4). With a large spread, the playing efficiency of the unbalanced count will actually be higher, even though it is lower with flat bets.
This is not just theory; I have sim results for unbalanced counts with different pivots and a balanced running count.

Finally, you can make your own charts like the ones in Blackjack for Blood to use with High-Low. Then you will not need to figure the true count for betting.



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