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Re: Full Ten Rank Multiparameter Count

Posted by T-Hopper on Sunday, 7 December 1997, at 5:19 p.m., in response to Full Ten Rank Multiparameter Count, posted by Rainman on Sunday, 7 December 1997, at 12:05 p.m.


Multiparameter simulator
I will ask Richard Reid to respond to that question. He has both UBE Pro and MPBE(Multi-Parameter Blackjack Engine), and would be able to tell you how many counts are supported.

Side counts
The Blackjack Formulator spreadsheet currently is set up for secondary counts, not side counts. For example, I can set it for Hi-Opt I with the ace counted as 1, 0, or -1. This uses up 3 of the 5 available slots. The method for side counts is described on pgs. 62-64 of ToB.

Perfect play expectation
You can estimate the flat betting expectation by using the charts in Theory of Blackjack or the depth charging chapter of Blackbelt in Blackjack. My spreadsheet still uses "Simpson's Rule"(BJ Attack, pg. 66) rather than round by round summation so I have nothing to offer in this area until I make the change.



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