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Me too.

Posted by Danny Woolard on Thursday, 11 December 1997, at 4:03 p.m., in response to Full Ten Rank Multiparameter Count, posted by Rainman on Sunday, 7 December 1997, at 12:05 p.m.

I too have been playing around with the same group of
card values.

I implement my system slightly different.
In fact, I would only recommend it for 1 and 2 deck games.
Technically it is multi-parameter, but you are only
tracking one count (besides ACE SIDE) which could
make it single-parameter depending on what definition
you use.

I am currently generating the strategy indices for it.

I originally thought I discovered this approach a few
years back.
Turns out that David Heath was the first one to right
a book on it (Although I do not have it yet).

Perhaps you can send me e-mail and I can tell you how
I generate the inidices and some of the results I
have obtained so far.

Here are a few:
Outperforms B.S. on HARD 17 vs Dealer 5,7,8,9,10,A.
(Most systems only have an indice for dealer ACE)
Also performs well on SOFT 18 hit situations.
I also believe that DOUBLING on HARD 12 will be

T-HOPPER: This was the system I hinted to you about.


P.S. I originally had the name Vision Count for this
system. I stole this name for my commercial simulator Blackjack Vision. My new name for the completed system
will be Camoflauge (Advanced training in Blackjack).



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