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KO 4deck info

Posted by Ken Fuchs on Monday, 22 December 1997, at 8:30 a.m., in response to Great site T-hopper!, posted by double-parlay on Thursday, 18 December 1997, at 12:55 p.m.

>>> Now I play in England where the casinos are
almost exclusively 4 deck, <<<

There is no discussion of the 4 deck game in
"Knock-Out Blackjack". Thus, I created this little
supplement for those who need it.

-Ken Fuchs

Here is some information on applying K-O to the
4-deck game. It is a direct extension of material presented
in "Knock-Out Blackjack". I assumed the penetration would be
in the range of 75% (1deck cutoff).

The Key Count (count at which you start to increase
your bet and at which you apply Category-B plays) is +11
above the Initial Running Count (IRC).

The Pivot is at +16 above IRC, and this is the point at which
you should try to get your top bet out there and also apply
Category-A plays.

As usual, take insurance at the count which is one below
the Pivot.

As in six and eight deck shoes, omit Category-C plays altogether.

EXAMPLES using 1-6 and 1-8 bet spreads for IRCs of -12 and 0:


KyCnt__-1___+11____2unit___2unit<--apply Category-B
_______+3___+15____5unit___6unit<--take insurance
Pivot__+4___+16____6unit___8unit<--apply Category-A

For Late Surrender, still do it just like in the book.
Some surrenders occur all the time, and some will be
Category-A surrenders which you do at or above the Pivot.

=======copyright Isochoric Publishing==============



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