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starting out

Posted by beginner on Sunday, 28 December 1997, at 11:30 p.m.

I'm new to counting and I was hopeing you guys could answer a few basic questions for me. This will probably sound simple to all of you so please bear with me. My main concern is which count I should learn. Right now I use the Uston advanced +/-, but I don't really want to learn the Uston APC. I can handle a 3 level count, it's just that I will only be able to play about once every 2-3 weeks and I don't want to spend an enormous amount of time staying sharp between playing sessions. I live in the midwest, so I will be playing 2 and 4 deck games, and sometimes a 6 deck game. Since most of my counting info has come from books before unbalanced counts were around, I have only the most basic idea of what they entail. As a final note, is the advanced +/- worthwhile for 2 deck games, until I could learn a better count. Thanks for your time and responces.



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