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Don't start with APC

Posted by MathProf on Monday, 29 December 1997, at 5:25 a.m., in response to starting out, posted by beginner on Sunday, 28 December 1997, at 11:30 p.m.

I'm new to counting and I was hopeing you guys could answer a few basic questions for me. This will probably sound simple to all of you so please bear with me. My main concern is which count I should learn. Right now I use the Uston advanced +/-, but I don't really want to learn the Uston APC. I can handle a 3 level count ...

"Handling" a level 3 count may be mroe dififcult that you realize. I have been counting for a number of years and still use a simple 1 level system. Couting in the Casino is more difficult than counting at home. And if fatigue causes you to shorten your sessions, you are giving up all of your "gain" from the higher count.

Unless you are using the side count of Aces accurately, the Uston APC has a lower betting correltion than the simple PLusMinus. This means that your gain from this system comes from the STrategy Changes. Now my experience is that most beginners have not compeltely mastered the Basic Strategy, yet alone complex startegy changes. Now I mean "mastered" not memorized. Many of my Math students can memorize formulas for an exam, but if you run into them into the cafteria a week after, they would have forgotten them completely. You must know the BS much better than that. WHen someone says to you, "How much is 8 times 7" you hoepfully don;t struggle to recall "56". You must know your strategy indeces just as well.

If you are using the Simple PlusMinus System effectively, then stay with it. The down time for matering a new system is probably not worth it. Personally I prefer the Hi-Lo. The system are similar excpet the Plus Minus coutns the 7, whereas HiLo counts the "2". The "2" is the more important card for betting; the "7" for playing. But the differendces in the system are marginal.

Mya divce is stick with the +/- for now and concentrate on getting more casino expereince. After a year or so, you can evaluate your play and decide if another system is better for you. In the meantime, you might read some other books, like KO-BJ.



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