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Posted by Lounge Lizard on Sunday, 4 January 1998, at 10:41 p.m., in response to Re: How was my sim with "Full K-O" plays?, posted by Ken Fuchs on Friday, 2 January 1998, at 9:18 a.m.


I'm running a series of sims for SD and DD comparing KO to UBZII to pick a system. The early results: I'm stunned by the power of KO. I thought you had rigged the sims in the book by betting perfectly with the count with a healthy spread so that the high BC would show good results at the expense of systems with higher PE. I'm starting to run some SD sims with a 1-2 spread; KO is doing very well. I simmed a SD game, 40 cards dealt with a 1-2 spread, figuring KO would get destroyed under those conditions. The result: UBZII won 1.36 units per hour and KO won 1.22 units per hour. I raised the bet to 2 on a +2 for both systems.

Congratulations on developing such a powerful simple system.

One thought for the next edition. Report units per 100 hands (what I used to define an hour). I think win % is a bogus statistic. Maybe that bias comes from reading people that say you can "lower the house edge" by taking odds at craps, which is the biggest myth in gambling. "Lowering the house edge" by increasing the denominator has always been a pet peeve of mind - its the numerator that matters!!

Oh by the way, in looking at my sims I can see why rules variations would make little difference, because of the huge edges shown by KO at the pivot and beyond.

Back to my sims now.

Your former skeptic,




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