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Advanced point counts

Posted by ALIEN on Monday, 12 January 1998, at 3:15 a.m.

Just wondering if there are any exponents of the Uston APC or Reverse APC as most of the discussion on blackjack pages seems to be about hi-opt or various other 1 or 2 levels counts.I must say i started out using the Uston simple +/- count but found it a bit unchallenging really.
Before I am flamed with things like I cant play it properly let me assure you that I can.I study maths at university an am generally good with figures.When I was only about 10 or 11,for fun,I could easily remember 200 digit numbers and the likes so remembering all the matrix numbers isnt a problem.
In fact 12 Vs 2 through 6 is +3,+2,0,-2,-1 and
13 Vs 2 through 6 is -1,-2,-4,-5,-5 bla bla bla I could go on and on but i shant.So just wondering if there are any of these people out there and what degree of success they have had.Uston APC is maximised for playing efficieny which is something I need as I have problems finding half decent blackjack games....I aint ever played with less than 6 decks!I think I was born too late as if i was born a few years earlier that same casino had 4 decks,over/under bets,S17,Double on splits,split indefinitely,doubles hard 9,10,11..cut cards which were 1 deck from the back I think,and splits on all except 4,5,10 which all in all would constitute a pretty decent game.Perhaps the presecnce of the pro card counters there may have stimulated this change!!
So cmon all disicplies of Ken Uston,I want to hear from you!



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