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"Fair" comparisons

Posted by Steve Heston on Tuesday, 13 January 1998, at 4:07 p.m., in response to No more planned - here's why, posted by Lounge Lizard on Monday, 5 January 1998, at 7:56 p.m.

>When generating the indices for UBZII, I specified only
>those plays for which K-O provided indices, so I was
>comparing apples to apples.

This is a little unfair to UBZII. UBZII deliberately cripples its betting correlation by compromising the ace. It compensates by increasing playing efficiency. But it needs more indices to fully exploit this advantage. UBZII will look better if you compare "oranges to oranges" by using a larger set of indices for both systems.

By the way, memorizing indices does not hamper your play. Also, you can bet more with a more powerful system. With an 11% extra advantage you can bet 11% more with unchanged risk of ruin. Your expected earnings actually increase by 23%



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