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Far Too Few

Posted by John Auston on Monday, 19 January 1998, at 7:43 a.m., in response to No more planned - here's why, posted by Lounge Lizard on Monday, 5 January 1998, at 7:56 p.m.

I ran approximately 25 million hands each. SBA does not
let you specify the number of hands, just the number of
decks, so the number of full decks played to 1/6 of 25
million, so I wound up with more than 25 million rounds.
Some would argue that 25 million is not enough, but one you
get in to the 15-20 million round range, the numbers barely
move from that point on. You can watch the progress of the

In my opinion, 25 million rounds is far too few when
using the results to compare one system versus another.
I would run at least 200 million for each.

The numbers that 'barely move' that you refer to are only
those few that SBA shows on the screen. I assure you that
the higher counts and EV's are 'still moving' at only
25 million rounds. SBA is fast, and there is no reason
not to run many more trials - especially when you are
posting results and conclusions. Accuracy is more important
than speed, when it comes to research, don't you agree?




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