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Re: Far Too Few

Posted by Lounge Lizard on Monday, 19 January 1998, at 9:30 p.m., in response to Far Too Few, posted by John Auston on Monday, 19 January 1998, at 7:43 a.m.


The only data I posted was advantage, w/100, and number of times a 1000 unit bankroll was doubled, although for the latter stat I was really interested in how many times the bankroll was lost. The on screen data that affects those stats are advantage (SBA shows IBA during the sim but I posted advantage per total bets), average bet, and session win %. In all of the sims I have run, I have not seen these stats move much at all past 20 million rounds. It would take a comparison of 25 million round sims to 100 or 200 million or whatever appropriate big number to show that the data I posted could be misleading because the number of rounds was too few. If you show me that a 25 million round sim could lead to a misleading result for the data I posted, under any set of conditions, I will re-run the original sims and post the results with the number of rounds you think is appropriate, and only use that number of rounds for any future posts.

Regarding the thread, we both made the same point - the interpretation of the data is up to each individual.




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