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Re: No more planned - here's why

Posted by T-Hopper on Tuesday, 20 January 1998, at 8:33 a.m., in response to Re: No more planned - here's why, posted by John Auston on Tuesday, 20 January 1998, at 7:52 a.m.

And, with the max bet being only twice the minimum
bet, strategy edge is also hobbled by the small multiple
on the table at the time of the more corrrect decision.

I can anticipate that someone will ask for a clarification of this statement, so I'll explain the phenomenon that is being referred to.

When I first started woring on the Sourcebook, I had an idea for a new variable, Running Count Efficiency. This would be a multiplier that could be used to adjust the calculated true count PE when using a running count. However, the relative PE for unbalanced running counts is higher with a bet spread than with flat bets. This is because the pivot point makes them more accurate for playing strategy variation with large bets in positive decks. My tests of Griffin-1 running count vs. T-Hop 1 illustrated this clearly. Maybe I will post some of the figures when I have time.



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