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KO with 4 Decks??

Posted by Joe MacDougall on Saturday, 24 January 1998, at 6:56 p.m.

I recently purchased Knock-Out Blacjack and I am really impressed with its ease of use and power. However I have a few questions about the system.
Firstly, the casinos closest to me deal 4 DECKS and I need to know the KEY COUNT VALUE, ABC VALUES FOR THE STRATEGY MATRICES AND THE EXIT
Does anyone else use KO with 4 DECKS??
Also, I have a questions regarding the choosing of the KEY COUNT. It seems that, especially in the beginning of the shoe, that advantages in the count are not being taken
advantage of. For example, in the 6 deck game with IRC=-20 and KEY COUNT=-4. After 1 deck has been dealt, the expected average value should be
-16. So, say that the count is -10 after approximately 1 deck has been dealt. The true count would be (-10)-(-16) or 6 divided by 5 (5 remaining decks) which is
equal to 1.2 (an advantage) but the key count is -4 which wouldn't take advantage of the positive count.
This might not have been the best example, but my point is that early on in the deck a much lower key count seems more appropriate.
Do some people use various key counts at different points in the shoe to gain extra expectance?? Or am I just missing something??
Thanks in advance for the replies!!



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