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Could a Uston APC user help me?perhaps John Auston?:-)

Posted by porcpo on Tuesday, 27 January 1998, at 2:17 p.m.

Some Uston APC numbers given in "million $ bj" seem to be
erroneous.(Don Schlesinger has confirmed it).
I sent a post on Wong site where I explained the following thing:the double-down after pair-splitting table(p114)give the number +1 for 4s v 6.But BS(p52)tell us to split this hand.
So the table(p114) should give a minus number(instead of the +1)to indicate when hit instead of splitting.(because in this table,if a plus number is reached,the player should split,contrary to BS.So there is here a conflict).
Don Schlesinger answered me that there were plenty of false numbers in the book!
So I'm a bit(terribly in fact)disappointed to learn wrong numbers.
Before I order SBA to simulate indices(it will take time to order it and above all to understand how it works(I'm french and I'm not bilingual at all!))could someone help me?!
The rules I play in France:6decks;D9,10,11;S17;Resplit often allowed(no RSA);DAS;European hole card.
I would be very grateful if someone knows and give me the right numbers!(perhaps THE GREAT John Auston?!:-)
Porcpo,The poor french player.



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